Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Mom and medicine.
I am SO thankful for my Mom.  She is such a great woman.  She has always been there for me and lent me her love and support even when I was not making the best choices.  Through all the trials in my life her love for me has never changed.  I'm thankful that she taught me the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that she lives them herself.  I loved that she always let me be her little side kick growing up.  I remember lots of times being in the kitchen "helping" with dinner (or just watching her make dinner), and I loved every time I got to go to the grocery store or run any other errands with her.  I still enjoy that :)  I'm thankful she taught me how to be a good mother and wife--she really taught through example.  I'm grateful she is one of my best friends and that I can call her with anything.  She has definitely been a shoulder for me to cry on sometimes and I'm thankful for that and that she always gives me advice to get me back on my feet.  I know I've put her and my dad through a lot, but I'm so glad they never stopped loving me and welcomed me with open arms as soon as I was ready to turn my life around.  I'm thankful for all their prayers in my behalf.  Love you Mom (and Dad!) :)
I'm also thankful that I am blessed to be a Mom myself.  Thankful for the two wonderful children I have.  They are such a blessing in our family and have completely changed me for the better.  I look forward to all the other wonderful children that will come join our family :)
I'm incredibly thankful for modern medicine.  Without it, I think William would have been an only child, haha.  But in all seriousness if it weren't for modern medicine and all the technology we have William and I probably wouldn't have survived his birth.  Though I try not to use medicine too much, it is such an incredible blessing.

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