Wednesday, January 2, 2013


In the past I've never really made serious new years resolutions, but this year I've got a lot of resolutions in mind that I fully intend on keeping.  One of my resolutions is that each month I'm going to choose at least one thing that I want to try or work on for at least a month long.  My goal with this is to try new things and really challenge myself.  
This month I am going to not eat anything after 8pm, and I will clean up the dishes after each meal and not go to bed with a dirty kitchen.
My purpose for not eating after 8pm is that 95% of the time when I eat late it is junk and then I'm just sick the next day from eating so late.  My hope is that I can lose a few extra pounds, or at least not gain any more weight.  Hopefully I'll continue this resolution much longer than just a month.

Ever feel like your kitchen looks like this?
I'm pretty sure my kitchen does look like this every day of the week, which is why I've made the resolution to not go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  So far I'm not doing good with this one..and it's only the first day. haha!  To my defense though, I've had a very sick little baby so its been hard trying to get everything done, know what the best part about the end of the day is??--you get a fresh start the next day.  So here's to a better tomorrow!


  1. I feel like I clean my kitchen all the time and it still looks like that. lol.

  2. Well I'm glad I'm not alone on this :)