Thursday, January 10, 2013

Traveling and Forgetfulness

For my hubby's birthday we decided to take a weekend trip to Salt Lake City. For Christmas my parents gave us a gift card to use at either The Little America hotel or The Grand America. Through Priceline's 'name your own price' we got a great deal at The Little America, so that's where we're staying tonight then tomorrow the Grand!! Staying at a nice hotel really makes it feel like a vacation.
Anyway, my reason for this post is to tell you about our crazy adventure getting to our hotel. First of all the drive to Salt Lake was long because the roads were so bad. That was an adventure in and of itself!!
We made an appointment today to get a remote start installed in our van (thank you hubby!). It takes 3 hours so we thought we'd take trax (transit train) to our hotel. The guy installing the remote start gave us a ride to the station, and then the "fun" began.
It was super cold, windy, and snowy!! As we were buying our ticket our train came, so we missed it. About 10 minutes later another train came but we realized we had our car keys so we couldn't leave. We waited for the guy to come back and pick them up. He got there right as our train was coming again. I ran and gave him the keys and literally ran to get on the train--which we missed again!! We FINALLY got on our train after waiting out in the freezing cold for over 30 minutes!! Oh, and while we were waiting at the train station (with all the sketchy looking people) a random, kind of strange guy gave William a bracelet he had made. Yeah, that might "accidentally" disappear before we get home. When we got off the train it was only about 1 block to our hotel, but walking against the wind in 3-4 inches of snow, it seemed more like 10 blocks.
So here we are freezing, completely soaked, snow all over us, and we walk inside this super nice hotel with our snow covered stroller. It was quite the sight :) The staff were so nice though, and even got towels and cleaned off our stroller for us.
After all this craziness Kirk graciously went out in the cold again to get us dinner, and he will have to face the cold again when our car is finished. Now that's what I call an amazing husband!!
Hopefully the rest of our weekend will be a little less eventful. Happy weekend everyone! What are your fun plans for the weekend??

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