Thursday, April 5, 2012


We all have setbacks throughout our day (unless it's an unusually perfect day!), or sometimes an entire day can feel like a setback.  It can be hard getting motivated and staying motivated after a setback happens.  I sometimes have weeks that feel like a setback, but I am working on not letting that discourage me and picking myself back up and getting back in the game.  Since this seems to be a common factor among all mothers, fathers, adults, or pretty much any human being out there, I thought I'd share a few of my tips for getting past these and getting out of the "rut." If it gives you ideas on what you can do, then great, my goal is to at least get some motivation going.  Sometimes just writing out what I do that is working really helps motivate myself, because when I am in the situation I easily get a negative attitude and feel there is no end or relief in sight.  That is a big reason I started this blog, so I can get my ideas and experiences out of my head so I can refer back to this to help me in those hard times.

Some days I wake up and have absolutely no motivation to even get out of bed (I am NOT a morning person).  I really wish I could just jump out of bed in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the day.  Sadly, most mornings my son has to almost drag me out of bed.  I will say though, that I get up between 4:30-5am every morning to make my husband's lunch before he goes to work-then I usually go back to bed though I'd like to stay up and be productive before my son gets up.  Anyway, it is really hard for me to get motivated to get some energy and start going on my day and the tasks that need to be accomplished.  I don't have an exact thing to do to help me get going, but I just have to tell myself that I am an adult and my son needs me.  He needs me to be his mom that helps get him dressed before noon (all too often that doesn't happen), that keeps the house orderly and tidy, he needs a mom that isn't lazy and lays on the couch all day while he watches tv.  I just have to always remind myself that I am his example, he spends the majority of his day with me and he will follow in my footsteps so I need to make sure my footsteps are going in the right direction.

I can be totally in the groove of being super motivated and accomplishing tons, and then BAM the setback!  Something comes up, or some disaster happens, or a big temper tantrum (bound to happen with a 3 yr old), and suddenly my day comes to a halt.  It's important to have patience and deal with the situation and get back in the game of getting things done.  My son/family comes first, and all the other things (for the most part) can be set aside.  It's important for me to not look at the things I didn't do, but instead look at what I did do.

I was just telling my husband tonight that I feel like I didn't really get much done today.  I took a few relax breaks (important when your 27 weeks pregnant), but for the most part didn't really waste a lot of time doing nothing.  Then I started to list to him all that I did do, and he thought that I'd really done a good job.  I still feel like I didn't do as much as I should.  I'm trying to stay motivated and not let that get to me.

Anyway, this became a lot longer post than intended, but that's what happens when I'm the kind of person that could write 5 pages about literally nothing-sure came in handy with high school essays. :)
I would sure love your feedback on any tips or suggestions to getting past those setbacks we all have and staying motivated to get things done.  Let me know what works for you!


  1. A few years ago I had an assignment to ask my mom about preparing for motherhood. What she said really surprised me. "Learn to deal well with interruptions." was her answer. Some days I deal well with them, other days things go crazy. I've learned that every other day seems to be a good day at my house and that I should just count on one of the days not being productive. I've also realized that my personal "best" varies from day to day depending on the situation. Some days I'm an excellent house wife, other days I feel like a super mom, and on most days I'm happy if I get one household chore done and get some dishes and laundry done and read some books to my kids. If I'm up all night with a screaming baby, chances are my best for that day is not going to be the same as another day. And I have to be okay with that. Easier said than done, but learning that reality has helped me get past set-backs a lot. My kids still have to drag me out of bed sometimes. So you're definitely not alone there, and I don't wake up at 4:30 to make my husband's lunch.

  2. Thanks Hillary! That is great advice!!